Since 2010 Pastor Olive Barnor has led the top group of peoples, She is dedicated to building  growing people to find their life purpose and has a strong passion for seeing families restored and whole. Pastor Olive is has a soft spot for youth and individuals.


Our Mission

OT's mission is to live out the Good News  by caring for those in our community. Showing Gods love to all, declaring through our actions  the freedom we have from condemnation, guilt and hurt because of Jesus. And finally to point to The One who even when we didn't deserve it still thought we were worth dying for.

Olive Tree Praise Church is that home, I’d been looking for. I’ve never seen so much love in one place.
— John Gray, Member

the difference we've made

  • Working with Parents and Children in the Carshalton, Sutton Community.
  • Organised Family events 
  • Provide a safe place for youth to socialise on a monthly basis, with food and entertainment.
  • Working with local custodial 
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